The Press Box

Update to The Press Box on the Rugby Channel.
Designed and originally composited by Matthew Carter on Quantel editbox. Updated on Adobe After Effects

The Chosen Ones

Titles for a series about great New Zealand sporting icons. Developed by Martin Crowe and Ian John. Broadcast in 2006 on Sky Sports and Prime TV.

The brief was to create an inspiring titles sequence and graphics. The concept was inspired by the wild landscape of New Zealand.
Concept designed by Matthew Carter in Paintbox. Effects created using standard tape FX. Composited by Matthew Carter in Quantel editbox.

Holmes on PrimeTV

Large round shapes spin out to reveal another layer underneath.

Images of Paul Holmes and his guests appear and again spin out to reveal large letters of the title: 'HOLMES'

Finally they roll back to form the title in full with Paul shoving them into place.

Titles designed and composited on Quantel editbox. Studio chromakey shoot of Paul at Sky TV.

Titles Designed and directed by Matthew Carter.
Producer: Pip Keane

The Crowd Goes Wild

An opening and closing title sequence for a nightly programme for sports fans. The programme is quirky, offbeat and with a slightly cynical and irreverent sense of humour.

A number of purple 'rivet walled' boxes were made by first drawing the rivets in paintbox, with a moving, rotating shadow around each rivet. They were then multiplied to make a 'wall'. Then several 'walls' contructed into a 'room' or box with lighting added to create depth to the 'purple room' environment.

The live action moving sports footage was rotoscoped in paintbox and graded in the Editbox colour corrector.

The action cutouts, elements drawn in paintbox and captions were then composited in Quantel Editbox.

Programme produced by Ric Salizo
Titles concept, design and compositing by Matthew Carter.

Williams Up Front

A current affairs programme on Sky TV with Larry Williams hosting.

I decided on a highly graphic 'web' style look for this title sequence. The programme is a serious current affairs one with political heavyweights, guests from business and occasionally from entertainment.

The theme uses a font which I've modified to give a newsprint/blockprint type of look. These and other graphical elements form a wire-like structure on two planes that dissect each other at 90 degrees.

This structure slowly rotates about the vertical axis where the planes meet. As it moves, elements flash in across the two planes at right angles to one another. The b&w stills flash up the central axis from the bottom.

I chose to use small, black & white stills of the guests and host to give a hard newsprint look for the live content. These can be changed out to be replaced with more recent guests.

The final resolved title. Again I used a print style font and design for the logo reminiscient of print blocks in typesetting.

Titles designed and composited by Matthew Carter on Quantel Editbox.
Programme produced by Sandy Hodge.

Sports 365

Title sequence for 'Sport 365', a nightly sports news programme on Sky NZ

I created the 3d logo slab and title in a very simple 3d software, 'Cool3d'
A targa sequence of this was loaded into Editbox for the composition.

Lights and 'spirograph' lines hand drawn in paintbox and treated in Mix/FX in Editbox.

The live footage rolls down very quickly into frame with a bounce on each scene like a film strip coming to an halt on a telecine machine.

Concept, designed and composited on Quantel editbox by Matthew Carter.
Produced by Lee Knighting and Tui McKendrick

Williams Up Front

Titles for the current affairs programme, 'Williams Up Front' produced by Sandy Hodge and presented by Larry Williams for Sky TV.
This was created for their first year of production.

We wanted a hard news look, with the corporate blue grade and the almost black & white moving images for the guests and presenter.

The live footage images were wrapped using Editbox rudimentary 'wrap' funtcion.

The whole was composited in Editbox, with light flares created in paint box added with the dotted line elements. 3D work designed by Chelfyn Baxter.

The Press Box

A rugby channel programme for devotees to rugby.
Titles and graphics created in 2002.

Real life newspaper headlines chosen to be slightly ambiguous or generic to prolong the life of the titles.

Headines merging constantly one into another with sharp black print look to the 'press box' title coming on as typewritten letters, sometimes huge through screen, and finally resolving to above end title. Captions animated in paintbox.

Composited with colour correction in Editbox.
Titles designed and composited by Matthew Carter
Programme produced by Andrea McVeigh

Sundance Channel

A spinoff from the Sundance Film festival, this channel was set up to showcase independent film. This is a still from the imagery I created for it in 2001.

Title sequence for Live Rugby SkyTV

This title sequence I created in 2001 and has been in use for the opening titles for the live rugby matches on Sky TV (New Zealand)

Each picture or 'cell' assembled 6 at a time in Editbox FX. Light flares or 'God Rays' created the old fashioned way by multiplying each frame by 100 and zooming it. Then integrating each 100 frame chunks back to single frames again.
Colour graded in Editbox.